The synopsis of sleepy hollow story

A long time ago, in the 19th century lived a sword man who was very strong and cruel, he had beaten many enemies and he always cut off the head of the enemies, and then because he had been surrounded by many enemies who use gun, he was finally beaten and the soldiers cut off his head, and no one knew that a girl whose named chatrina took the head and she learnt 

magic to control the ghost of this swordman to kill, and some years later there are many cases of murder  who did by the sword man who had no head,  and a man who had a big braveness given a duty to investigate who was the background of the ghost who target a random person, the ghost always killed the victim with cutting off the head and bring the head into his world, the horse man used to have a target to kill the victim, he didn’t kill random people which faced with him but there was someone who controled him to kill the victim, she was the girl whose named chatrina because he had the head of the swordman so that she could control him to kill anyone she wanted, and finally the investigator whose named ichabod crane find that chatrina was the controller the horse man, chatrina understood that crane was the investigator and he had known everything what had happened, and chatrina made crane as the target to be killed by the horse man,  but  with a hard effort crane could bring the horse man to chatrina and made the horse man knew that chatrina was the one who stole his head, and the horseman brought chatrina to his death world in the blood tree.

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