"Practise makes perfect, doesn't it?"

    "Practise makes perfect, doesn't it?" What do you think if someone asks you to take a conversation in english language? Do you think that he/she is arrogant? Because he/she asks you to talk in english although we live in indonesia that uses indonesian as the first language, do you feel he/she has a bad nasionalism because of that? How can you feel and think so? So how can we practice our english to improve the skill of speaking english?
We should change our mindset that using english at our place is an arroganism... Because if we think so, we shall not see the progress of our people/student in learning the international language that really important tobe learnt... because we also should be able to join in global competition, not only watch the success of other countries. You must know that we have been left so far in learning the international language by our neighbour countries like malaysia,philipines,singapore, etc Do you want that indonesian people be stupid and can't compete with other country, because of our custom to think that using english in daily conversations is an arrogant thing and it seems that we are not proud with indonesian language, it's a wrong understanding that must be changed, because practice is really important to make a big progress in learning a language, because language can't be learnt just with some theory, practice is a must... So we must learn to appreciate someone who has braveness to practise his/her english in daily conversation, because of most of indonesian people are so lazy and shy to try using their english in habitual activities to improve their skill in speaking english, once again it doesn't decrease the sense of our nasionalism in reverse it can increase the estimation of indonesian people by other countries. Created By Syamsi Bahasa dan sastra inggris.

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26 komentar:

  1. Cool, yes, we mustn't use our english.. practise it more and more..:)

  2. yeah.. i think so.. so we should learn to be brave to use our english

  3. I'm agree with you. Without practice, language is nothing. :D

    1. you need not use "tobe" with agree because it's verb..haha

    2. mungkin maksudnya "You don't need" kali ya..
      haha.. sip sip!
      ralat : "I agree", not "I'm agree"

    3. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

    4. nggak lah, Need itu masuk salah satu Modal Verb.. kaya can,shall,will,may,dare, lupa ya hehe

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