5 Important Rules When Using Antibiotics

antibiotik Lima Aturan Penting Minum AntibiotikNot all illnesses require antibiotics. Usage that is not right it will cause the body's resistance against this type of antibiotics that. It is therefore important to recognize that diseases do not need antibiotics. In the previous article (read: The danger of antibiotic) said that the antibiotics commonly used against bacteria, but its side effects can be very dangerous for peminumnya if consumed in vain. However, one intriguing question what if a virus infection? Can be treated with antibiotics?

This article don't want to repeat the information, but I often find that patients treated at the practice where I have had a history of taking antibiotics before coming to the doctor, they say that it is the recommendation of a friend or pharmacy personnel. Just a reminder that the consumption of antibiotics without a doctor's instructions can be a boomerang for the health of your body. Some diseases caused by viruses (viral pure) such as viral fever, influenza, some cough and cold, sore throat, diarrhea brief without bleeding, dengue fever and several ear infections should not be treated with antibiotics. It should be understood, although very useful, antibiotics are only intended to overcome infections caused by bacteria, not a viral infection such as fever, cough or flu. If this forced consumption, resistance can occur in the body.
Treating fever, coughs, colds, flu caused by viruses with antibiotics will not make you healthier. Also do not make things better, not cure and does not prevent transmission to others.
Therefore, antibiotic resistance communicate with your doctor is essential. Tell your doctor that you support the rational use of drugs. If your doctor thinks you need to take antibiotics, eat as prescribed.
Complete the prescribed dose is also highly recommended. For example, if it should be eaten three times a day for five days, get the rules and at the right time in the morning, afternoon, and evening or hose 8 hours.
At least there are five rules that are important to note before taking antibiotics to prevent resistant bacteria in the body:
Do not indiscriminate taking antibiotics. Use antibiotics only by prescription, with appropriate dose and duration of prescriptions. Do not trust the recommendation of a friend, relative, or a pharmacy officer who recommends taking certain antibiotics without a doctor's recommendation.Never buy or use of prescription antibiotics before. If you've ever left an antibiotic from the previous recipe, you should not be used without a doctor's instructions.When the medication, ask your doctor, where the prescription drugs that contain antibiotics. Ask also the dose and how to drink. One use of antibiotics causes this drug no longer effective, there could be immune germs, it can even lead to things that are not desirable.Complete the prescription as directed. Do not ever stop eating even though antibiotics have no symptoms of disease or already feel healthy. Dismissal of antibiotics that are not on your time, or too fast, can make the bacteria to survive and cause recurrent infections.Runny nose, cough and diarrhea generally do not require antibiotics. Consumption of adequate water, adequate rest, and consumption of multivitamins or supplements that can restore proper immune system to fight viruses that attack and can heal by itself.The last and important thing to remember, to control the spread of resistant germs can be done by habit to always wash hands with soap or antiseptic.
Hopefully useful.

Source : Dr.Nasir

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